Black Stitched Box

Standard box for: Soho | Fine Art | Galleria

A black stitched box made of synthetic leather that comes standard for our thicker page, custom albums.  They feature fine stitching, felt lining, and allow for imprinting both inside and outside of the box for an added touch of customization.

Tip: always store album inside of the gray pouch that comes with the album



Deluxe Presentation Box

Upgrade option for: Soho | Fine Art | Galleria | Bowery

Available in these materials only: Linens | Silks | Chelsea LE | Stanton NL | Delancey NL

A completely custom & handmade box that’s crafted to perfectly fit and match your album.  The Deluxe Box is the ultimate way to showcase, store, and protect your album for years to come.  This box features a ribbon drawstring and also allows for imprinting both outside and inside of the box.



Cardboard Box

Standard box for:  Standard Essex | Essex Plus | Standard Bowery | Stitched Bowery | All Stock Albums

A textured black cardboard box that securely stores and protects your album. Comes with a grey pouch and allows for imprinting and customization on the top lid of the box.