Getting Started

Apply for a Pro Membership

To begin working with us, you must be a professional photographer and apply for a pro membership.  Please allow up to 1 business day for your application to be reviewed. Once you are approved, you will have access to pricing and will be able to begin ordering.

If you are a bride, groom, or a potential end-client interested in acquiring our products, please contact your photographer.

Selecting a Service & Album Type

At Renaissance, we strive to cover all of the aspects to offering albums under one roof.  Finding the right service and style of album is important, so please take the time to review what service and product works best for you.

Option A – Binding Service Only
Option B – Print + Bind
Option C – Design + Print + Bind

For more details about our services, click here.

Ordering a Sample Album

Creating a sample for your studio is absolutely vital if you want to offer albums. Having a sample showcases your work while allowing your clients to see, touch, and feel the end product in person.  When showing a sample, more often than not, the album will sell itself – you just need to have one. Because these sample albums are made for display/marketing purposes, they are heavily discounted to make it that much easier for you to obtain.

TIP: ordering a Material Kit (cover swatches) for your studio is also highly recommended.

Album Design

Don’t know how to design albums?  No worries.  We offer design services to help you create beautiful layouts for you clients.  If you prefer to have more control, our partners at Fundy Designer and SmartAlbums make the album design process extremely easy for you.  These programs are used (and loved) by thousands of photographers worldwide.  Equipped with tons of album building tools and features, we highly recommend these programs when it comes to managing your workflow and album design. 

Use Promo Code: “ALBUM50” to receive $50 off the Fundy Album Suite or Pro Suite

Editing and Post Processing

Our friends at The Image Salon are the best at what they do. Please check them out and let them bring out the best in your work while you go and enjoy your free time.