Stitched Bowery Book

13×10 Stitched Bowery Book | Cool Grey Bookcloth | Plain Cover | Textured White Paper

Images By Davina + Daniel

General Description

Using the saddle-stitch binding method, this version of our Bowery Book provides a new and unique style to our product line.  The hand stitching, along with the choice of two beautiful paper options, combines to give you one of our most stylish albums yet.  The simple binding allows the book to lay completely flat and hold even more pages than it’s predecessor, while still maintaining the same 6-color indigo printing and all of its archival properties.

Most commonly used for:

lifestyle, documentary, family, long-form storytelling, weddings

*default right-hand start and left-hand finish

Standard Sizes

horizontal: 10×8, 12×8, 13×10

vertical: 8×10, 8×12, 10×13

square: 10×10, 12×12

Standard Page Capacities

minimum: 32 pages / 64 sides

maximum: 100 pages / 200 sides


**This album is built with 4-page signatures.  The page capacities must be in intervals of 4 pages/8 sides**

Album Features

Stitched Binding

True Lay-Flat & Higher Page Capacity

6-Color Indigo Printing

Two Luxurious Paper Options

New Slipcase Set

Exclusively for the Stitched Bowery Book

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Cover Options


Cover Materials

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