Bowery Book

Since 2014, the Bowery Book has been our one and only press printed, high-page capacity album.  In 2017, this changes.  We are excited to be adding to the Bowery Book lineup with a brand new version that features beautiful saddle-stitch binding.  The same superior print (6-color Indigo printing) and paper quality remain, but there are various benefits and differences between the two distinct styles.  Learn more below and discover which book type is the better fit for you.



Album Comparison

Standard Bowery


– “Perfect PUR Binding” method (adhesive)

– Basic/Smooth White paper only

– Not a lay-flat album

– Holds any page capacity between 20 and 60 pages


Stitched Bowery


– Saddle-stitched binding method (thread stitching)

– True lay-flat, press printed album

– Two paper types:  Basic/Smooth White and Textured White

– Can only be built in intervals of 4 pages / 8 sides (4-page signatures)

– Available slipcase option exclusively for this album