Essex Book Promo

Our Essex Book is crafted with seamless panoramic prints and a focus on clean lines and simplicity. It features thin pages, photographic paper, and a variety of cover options, making this book extremely versatile and useful for any event or occasion!

For a limited time only, NOVEMBER 5-12, we are offering the following promotional discounts on the Essex Book:

15% off ALL Essex Book orders

25% off duplicate orders (on new Essex orders during the promotion only. Essex books normally do not qualify for duplicate discounts at all)

50% off samples (originally 35%)

Order must include promo code: EB2018
Multiple orders per studio permitted within duration of the promo.

Check out photos (click to enlarge) of an Essex Book photographed by the talented Priyanca Rao.

Our Essex Book is extremely versatile and is the most affordable album that we offer. It can be used as a main album for weddings, engagements, boudoirs, lifestyle, and just about any other occasion! It’s also perfect for pairing with a Soho Book as a parent album, as they are both built with seamless page spreads.┬áThis is the perfect time to try this album for a client or as a sample. Order your Essex Book today!